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Martinique International Film Festival
2016 Spring Edition

Best Narrative Feature Film & Martinique Snake Award: Rules of The Game (France) by Ambroise Carminati. Ten office colleagues engage in a questions and answers game on pieces of paper. Little by little, each of them realizes that the game is getting out of hand...


Best Documentary Feature Film: April Zero One (France) by Marie Cavailles. Kiev, April 2015. One year after the Eurorevolution started then set up on Maidan, the main square of the Ukrainian capital. From explorations to intertwined portraits, we meet the youth of a country always rebuilding, seeking independence.


Best Narrative Short Film: Sun Valley (USA) by Sasha Gransjean. Privacy is obliterated as a young girl is unable to compromise between creativity, intimacy, and spirituality.


Best Documentary Short Film: The soul is wandering (Belgium) by Guillaume Vandenberghe. On 29 June 2009, the painter Philippe Vandenberg decided to leave this world. He was in his apartment in Brussels. His son returns there ...


Best Animated Short Film: The Mega Plush - Episode I (USA) by Matt Burniston. Set in the shadows of a gritty underworld, a war is brewing. The Mega Plush, a group of four plush toy vigilantes, are struggling against the uprising of the SOC (Society of Chimps) army. Good vs evil. Bear vs sock monkey. The question is "who has the stuffing to survive?"


Best Experimental Film: Konfokal (Austria) by Reinhold A. Fragner. In optics two optical systems are called conofocal, if they share a point of focus. Fascinating footage can be created with the help of scientific apparatuses which tends to be only used for further data processing. This experimental short film offers an insight into footage shot trough Laser-Scanning-Microscopes. The smallest organisms and structures will by scanned step by step and hence result into an image pile.


Best Carribean Film: 51 Malecon (Cuba) by Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour. Havana, Cuba. The most bizarre and unexpected building of the city. A fourteen-story tower that stands on the seafront, like a white monolith planted in the heart of the old town. On the street, people are talking about it's origin, it's weird shape. They call it 'the house of the dead'. This documentary film draws a portrait of the 51 Malecon and its inhabitants.



Lost Boy (Jamaica) by Aisha Porter-Christie

One Too Many (UK) by Sinead Stoddart

Gale Warning (France) by Jonas Favre , Adrien Dal Bello

The soul is wandering (Belgium) by Guillaume Vandenberghe

Maasai 10th Lost Tribe of Israel (UK) by Dante Tanikie-Montagnani

That Called Love (Argentina) by Victoria Chaya Miranda

Mala Suerte / Bad Luck (Cuba) by Oldren Romero

Janne of Love (Bulgaria) by Vilma Kartalska, Radko Savov

Indian Ben (USA) by Ben Hoene

Cigno (Swan) (Italy) by Giovanni Rossi

PPH Squad (USA) by Daniel Estrada

Women collection (Poland) by Marzena Więcek

Ad Infinitum (UK) by Sam Rumble

Bighorns at the Junction (Canada) by Robert Moberg

Fruitcake (UK) by Harriet Francis Croucher

Farewell (USA) by Emma Michalak

The Ventilator (Hong Kong) by Elena Sagresti

Analysis (Australia) by Daniel Prychpan

51 Malecon (Canada) by Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour

Spoken silence (France) by David Dargaud

What We Told Our Sons: Four Families React to the Trayvon Martin Verdict (USA) by Dayvee Sutton

In Loving Memory Of Uncle Harold (USA) by Lily van Leeuwen

Sleeping Wonder (Italy) by 

Dime Crimes #34 (USA) by Ed Hellman

Figurine (Canada) by 

Trans'It (Dominican Republic) by Carlos Rodriguez

Forgiveness (Lebanon) by Rima Joseph Irani

Intoxication (Denmark) by Kristian Thorup

Portle (USA) by Oliver Shahery

The Mega Plush - Episode I (USA) by Matt Burniston

Welcome Lion of France..! (Argentina) by Nestor Zapata

Silhouette Secrets (UK) by Andi Reiss

The Road to Santiago (UK) by Eduardo Perez Vidal

Awesome Beetle's Colors (Latvia) by Indra Sproge

They hate me in vain - Lgbt Christians in Today's Russia (Italy) by Yulia Matsiy

Battledream Chronicle (Martinique) by Alan Bidard

Bait (USA) by Matthew Emery

Aijo (USA) by Hart Ginsburg, Sze-Chin, Schmudde

Kevin - Will My People Find Peace? (English version) (Italy) by Elisa Mereghetti, Marco Mensa

Exchange (Lithuania) by Arnolda Noir

Blue (Not Specified) by Catherine Gubernick

Sun Valley (USA) by Sasha Gransjean

«The Heritage Arrow» (Russian Federation) by Sergey Kiatrov

Too Close (UK) by Brittany Kelly

April Zero One (France) by Marie Cavailles

Moom (Japan) by Robert Kondo, Daisuke 'Dice' Tsutsumi

Distance (Canada) by Matti McLean

Rules of The Game (France) by Ambroise Carminati

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